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Learn Moves like Johnny, not Jagger!

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Jagger will only get you across a stage. Johnny (Lewis) Will get you around the track FAST!

Getting the Big Horn ready for the 2 day Ride Academy school on Wednesday & Thursday June 27th&28th at Square Deal Riders in Harpursville,NY. There's only a couple spots left. Better hurry!

What would be cooler that learning from some of the best in the biz, then taking what you learned to the AMA Vintage National Double Header the following 2 days? NOTHING!!!!

See you at the races, Don

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Man I love those rotary valve 2-strokes...I miss my '71 F5. That thing was wicked fun.

That thing looks like a blast. Killer job.
Does Woody Kyle do all your motor work?
YES! I am very fortunate that Woody does do all of my motor work. I am also fortunate enough that he works with me on a lot of the projects. Makes it easier on both of us. He does all the important porting and important performance stuff and I do all the tedious detailing work, like the endless hours of blue printing everything so it all works well together. He's also taught me some really cool stuff about 2 strokes.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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