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Leaking caliper

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Figured out my braking issue. The caliper is laying a fine coat of fluid on the backside of the rotor. Looks as though the seal needs replacing. Its an older 2 piston PM.

Anyone know where to get a rebuild kit? I went to the website. They list Liberty Harley as a dealer but every time I go there Im met with blank stares and " that part is obsolete" replies.

This bracket will accept any caliper w/ a 3 1/2" mounting hole spacing. If rebuild becomes an issue Ill look for a replacement but figured since I spent the time and effort getting it set up on the bike and buying the correct length brake line I'd see if the parts are avail first.

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Call performance machine on monday, they still have rebuild kits for that caliper. Be patient, not everyone there knows the old stuff.
Ill try that. Anyone know the model or part #??

I'd like to be armed w/ some numbers rather than description.

Any PM dealer here?
Send the photo you put on here, and they may have to have the puck size. But I bet PM can fix you up. If the bore is not worn out beyond the limits.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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