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Late 70s Ironhead "33-66"

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Hi all - Wanted to load up some pics of a project I have been working on and start the discussion. Its an ongoing, slow endeavor, but I'm hitting the point now where I would like some feedback, help, inspiration etc...

A few details:
1977 XL1000 motor with electric start
1979 Sportster Frame, minor modifications
Going with all disc brakes

This bike has never been a "bike" in the sense that I'm tearing one down and rebuilding/modifying it. It's being cobbled together as I go with random parts from random bikes. I started with a solid motor that had been in a running chopper. I'm looking to go for something somewhere in the neighborhood of a dirt tracker... influenced by the XR750, but with some bobber type elements mixed in. Hoping for a raw, industrial look, that is clearly garage made but not and embarrassment to ride around on. I'm learning a lot about machining as I go...

I'm excited to hear tips on fabrication as well as detailed info about the bike components I'm using. Think I mentioned I am learning as I go... I have built two other bikes before (one other in the "cobble it together as you go" style) but I'm new to American Iron. Hope you guys will humor me and throw some feedback or info my way.
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mct496 - Man, I wish I knew what these were from. Found them in in a misc pile of "harley" parts marked XL Sportster. So yeah, they bolt on, but I have no idea where they came from. They are Showa - so I'm assuming aftermarket.

Roach - thanks for the info. I'm scratching my head right now about whether or not the these forks are supposed to the inner rebound springs on the damper tube. Looked at some books - some do, some don't. These didn't, but somehow I feel like they should.

Been doing some more fitting and fine tuning. Got the engine fully mounted and torqued, and have chain and rear axle all in place. About to run some oil line, and then start wiring some stuff.

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This sprocket cover is still not permanently in place (waiting on oil and electric) but looks like its gonna be awesome all fitted up. Way too much work went into that little piece of aluminum.

Need to go polish those pipes now. Cramming some baffles in them was a huge hassle. getting used to using hammers now.

The handlebars are slowly coming together. Not sure how I feel about this speedo... Wish my master cylinder was smaller too.

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Decided I should throw a paint job together. Was digging the primered look, so I just had a few vinyl decals cut and sprayed a satin clear coat over it. Not sure how durable its gonna be, but for about 60 bucks I'm pretty pumped.

I think it looks like at least an $80 job. Here's the tank on the bike.

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After the oil tank was finished, I was able to run oil lines. That was more work than I anticipated...

That's supply, return, vent and a drain line. Got my sweet oil cooler on finally. That piece really makes the bike look tough I think.

My only real frustration with the end results are that I have one line crossing under the frame, right near the kickstand mount. There was just no other way I could figure out to route it. A couple of the turns were pretty tight too and jamming those hose barbs in place was tough on a couple connections. I also finished my forks and filled them with oil. The dropped front end was crushing the old boots down to far, so I swapped them out for a shorter, meaner set.
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Starting to look like a real bike now.

My speedo cable is probably too long though. Brakes lines are next.
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Finally pulling this thing together - got all the fluids done, and piecing together the last bits of wiring, etc...

Just in time too - I got extended an invitation to participate in the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show this coming weekend in Austin. Should be a good time motorcycle wise in Austin this weekend - MotoGP race and all. Check out the show here, I'm honestly honored to be a part of it:

Here are a couple of the "glamor" shots I took to send them for the webpage. Not my favorites, but it was short notice...

If anyone is planning on going to this - maybe I'll see you there.
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