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Late 70s Ironhead "33-66"

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Hi all - Wanted to load up some pics of a project I have been working on and start the discussion. Its an ongoing, slow endeavor, but I'm hitting the point now where I would like some feedback, help, inspiration etc...

A few details:
1977 XL1000 motor with electric start
1979 Sportster Frame, minor modifications
Going with all disc brakes

This bike has never been a "bike" in the sense that I'm tearing one down and rebuilding/modifying it. It's being cobbled together as I go with random parts from random bikes. I started with a solid motor that had been in a running chopper. I'm looking to go for something somewhere in the neighborhood of a dirt tracker... influenced by the XR750, but with some bobber type elements mixed in. Hoping for a raw, industrial look, that is clearly garage made but not and embarrassment to ride around on. I'm learning a lot about machining as I go...

I'm excited to hear tips on fabrication as well as detailed info about the bike components I'm using. Think I mentioned I am learning as I go... I have built two other bikes before (one other in the "cobble it together as you go" style) but I'm new to American Iron. Hope you guys will humor me and throw some feedback or info my way.
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Looks great and love the frame color. Ironheads are a trip great fun lotta hands on work, mine will vibrate to a state of poor tuning with some hard riding. If you ever do a top end job, get the rearing exhaust valve enlarged, the rear jug always heats up more. Compensating sprocket helps take some stress off the crankshaft. SS E carb? Awesome, avoid G too much fuel. I find the calipers wear out btw they go out of round in the piston hole, when available flyrite makes Kick Ass brakes for sporties. Oil cooler a must if riding in summer heat, 60 weight only. Anyhow that's off the old brain pan hope it helps.....keep at it the glory is coming.
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