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Larry in Holland Michigan

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As per JJ rules, hello from Holland Michigan.. I'm here hopefully to share info, score and swap parts and kill some time. I've got currently 3.5 running Shovelheads and 2 Triumphs.
Also have a love for vintage and antique cars and hot rods. Thinned the heard from a 39 Ford Express, 73 Cougar, 78 Vette, and most recently a 41 Chrysler.
Now down to my 73 Charger and my 66 Ford F100 which is invaluable as it hauls my shit around when something breaks.
Thanks all in advance for the welcome.
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Forgot to mention that I have 5 Shovels in total, but only 3 1/2 of them are operable
Welcome from the middle of the mitten.
Thanks GJWILEY! Good lookin' Panhead!
Just by chance is this the Larry that did the swap meets and also set up in Sturgis So. Dak. Back in the day. If so Willie from Colorado says hey, if not you are still welcome to our little corner of the world.
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