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ATX-tommy said:
I guess i could lace it up and then take it somewhere to have it balanced and trued...

Also, if anybody has any tips or resources that might help I'd be greatful.
I am about to start a similar adventure with some rims and spokes on my OIF.
Where is that "how to" site?
The truing stand is not that complicated. Two uprights and an axle with cones to keep the wheel spinning on it's bearings. An adjustable rod tells you how out of round the wheel is.

This wheel is not being trued, just for example.
I think with the right mindset and calmness, it shouldn't be that difficult.
I am lacing up a 21 inch sun rim to my disc brake hub and an 18 on the rear disc brake hub.
Let me know how your project goes.
Ray in CT
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