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Don't laugh, put it back on the bike with out the tire. Tape a pointer on the bike (fork front, frame rear) that is at the same spot as the rim. Find the center of the fork/frame and measer out to what ever 1/2 of the rim( center of rim to center of fork/frame). As you turn the rim it will wobble, turn the spokes to adjust the rim Tighten one side as you loosen the other side will pull the rim to the side you tighten. Do the same for up and down. I hope I didn't screw this up but it's not very hard, it just takes time. Or you could take it to the shop and have some one else do it. TIME=MONEY I kind of like relacing rims. Try it the cheap way first and if that doen't work than take it some were. Who knows you might like it.
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