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Knuckle/Edison splitdorf race mag,CCW girder

Knucklehead Edison Splitdorf Race Magneto...This is a Type RM...Serial# is D5085..Spec# is D4052P....New coil winding cover cap...Just cleaned and adjusted points,cleaned and lubricated the advance and retard mechanism..and the rest is as found..The rotor is in place,but had a small broken piece on the bottom which I glued back into seems to fit tightly on the shaft,but probobly it would not be a bad idea to replace they are avaiable..I was told these were used mainly for hill climbing and drag racing...Comes with the distributor (2)drive gears,idler drive gear,chain,distributor block off plate,and bracket...although I think the bracket may have had one end cut off...This is the only one of these I have ever seen in the flesh in all my years...If your building a period racer,this would be a perfect addiition.. $1500..
CCW Girder..dimensions as follows..width at axle=3+3/4"s..bottom of neck stem to axle center=32"s..width between legs=4+1/4's..has a 1" neck..just completely dis-assembled and powdercoated hammerite silver,bushings lubed and new hardware used opon re-assembly..nice girder for your long bike..$425..
45 Servi Car front springer fender..SOLD
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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