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If you want to get rattled, I can tell ya' that an 883 evo (at least stock) isn't likely to do it - even solid mounted.

I've got an '01; it's actually pretty smooth. You can see out the mirrors at 75+. The only real vibration is right at sixty MPH... I find myself doing 58 or 62. Because, right at 60, that little bike hits the 'brown note'.

No kidding. I think if I were to hold it at that speed for a long period, I'd have a very, very unpleasant time doing laundry.

But apart from that, the bike doesn't really rattle/shake a lot (hell, only lost a couple mirrors, a shift peg, and a license plate bolt in a half year of daily riding). :D

Oh, and I've learned to not be afraid to grab the Loctite on the first trip to the toolbox on any job...

Honestly, I feel kinda' like you, that I'd like something a little older and gnarlier. But, my little Sporty is such a nice bike that I don't really want to fuck it up; I'm thinking that the solution for me is to own two bikes.

Then I can have a snarly, rattly, badass li'l ground shaker for when I want some fun, and a nice, dependable piece of transpo to get me to work in the morning (well, in Seattle, that's probably only gonna' happen 8-9 months out of the year).

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