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Knobs. One with swazi.

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Pricein ad
I have to let a few things out of the hoard, my daily needs a new taillight. I have 2 glass and 2 porcelain doorknobs, great for shift knobs. $5 each plus shipping.

I also have an old piece that Ive been holding onto for almost 20 years, but will probably never get around to using. It's a cast iron knob with a prominent swastika cast into its face. The back has a square hole with a setscrew. I always thought it would make a cool shift knob or maybe a handle for a fuel tap. Buy it and you decide.**SOLD ** For some reason the pictures keep coming out blurry, sorry. **This is not an endorsement of any idedology**

Also interested in trade for decent taillight. Let me know what you've got. Must be operational, so's I can throw it on and go. Prefer Model A or something I can back mount. Thanks! Paypal for payments.
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