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That's the truth. I was around the whole weekend and only met Crow (who it turns out I've met before) and KartBreaker (dusty?).
Felt like such a tool walking up to KartBreaker like 'hey i know this bike your on the JJ right?'

Hopefully the Texas Chain Lube Massacre will remedy this...

JEB said:
No shit! Ant and ****** and Galaxie500XL and Shook and Parts and GGriffin were there all weekend, and I didn't know their faces. We need hats, or something.
But you were easy to spot, I recognized you from the ED Pics, choking fools out on the beach. Good talkin with you in the FlyRite tent. Did you help that lady from The Horse get some good shots of the bikes?
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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