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Just a reminder, be careful out there...

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Got a call from the ol' mother-in-law yesterday. After my Father-in-law left out from eating luch with us, he was buzzing down the highway on his Trump T-bird and got smacked in the face by a bird. It shattered the visor on his helmet and cut his nose and lip up pretty bad. He managed to get the ER after awhile and got taken care of. I know you can't avoid somethings, but, just be careful.
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damn! good thing he didnt go down or hit something because of it.

last season, my girl & i were cruising in the pine barrens on a hot summer night on the speed trip & what looked like a goddamned pterodactyl (yes, i had to look up the spelling on that one) came flying out of the woods & grazed both of our helmets. we both ducked at the same time & i think the bastard skimmed his belly on both of our lids! i honestly think i may have been a big hawk or an owl or something.
i nailed a couple of 'em last on the fist and one on my shoulder...
damn those things hurt.

There's already been four deaths in Daytona since careful anyone going down that way...
you guys remember a couple summers ago when the cicadas came out? well i rode down to VA for my friends wedding. i never loved wearing a fullface helmet more than that. it was like being blasted with a paintball gun for 6 hours. i had to pull over every 10 miles & wipe the bug goo off my visor. plus, i had to pick all the gross little bastards out of my bike for 2 months after that. those things are huge!

FYI - thats not me. just a pic i found on the net.
After time in both daytona and sturgis you can see while people die at those rallies. Too many weekend warriors with out enough time on there bikes. They seem to forget that chrome does not protect you.
hogtownhd said:
There's already been four deaths in Daytona since careful anyone going down that way...
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