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Jockey shift

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So I have traded away my mid controls on the little Ironhead I am building for some forwards that don't fit. sigh. My bike is a 76 with the shift action on the right, the factory used a bar to crossover the frame for a left footed shifter I noticed how many rad bikes have a jockey shift; is it that hard to build? any input/do's or don'ts are appreciated
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Heck anything possible with a torch and welder. Have a guy that put a shaft on his shift lever. Then installed a clutch lever on that with a short cable. And now has his clutch and shifting done with one hand. The system is about even with his gas tank as far as height. Been running around here for years. Good luck.
I'll snap a few pics of what I screw up. Worst case scenario I end up trying to find mids. Could be worse
Clutch cable is the only hard part.

Use the shift lever lurned up 90the degrees. Cut grind thread and stick a shift knob on it.

Clutch cable will need to be filled cut way down and pivot points figured out. Use the foward controls to make the clutch pedal
There are as many ways to do this, as there members. Some will be easier than others. Your bike, will need a way to put the shift arm on the left side, which means using the cross over shaft, so you can keep the shifting on the left side. The clutch is easily made from an existing shifter setup, and shortening a cable. It needs to be anchored to the pedal bracket, and the cable end attached to the pedal. With the forward control being used, the cable will be very short, as the cable has to enter the primary cover, close to where the pedal will be mounted.
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