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It just doesn't look right part two...

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OK, so I took a few more pics with a better angle for refference. The dude did a half ass job of puting the new neck on this thing (which for some reason is the same as the one he took off) I had asked before about leveling the frame. GHG mentioned lengthening the down tubes. I was thinking (i know, I know), what if I cut the down tubes and heated em to bend them down to help make up some of the difference. Then swap back to the original neck, and extend the back bone some to match the new position of the down tubes? Seems like it'd get me level.

Is it worth the effort or should I look for a different frame. Thing is I really like the 12 over forks and want to keep em. I'm not worried about moving the motor mounts, since I am using a different motor than the original 750.
I also included a shot of the lousy neck work and of the old neck. Is the old neck reusable?

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it really isnt raked that much
the jackass that did it just cut out a section of the backbone near the seat post and bent the bottom rails up
id be suprised if the motor still bolted up right

could be undone by adding that section back into the backbone, and un-fucking the neck, but thats a fuckload of rust....
Looks like the trail on that is prolly +12", or worse. Just doesnt look safe to me. The front will likely be very heavy. Put some bars on it and see if you can roll it around without flopping the front over. Maybe the PO had some 6° trees on it to shorten that trail number.
What he said.
Don't think i'd want to put my life in the hands of that kind of craftsmanship.

pOrk said:
That frame looks pretty jacked
Totally jacked, wouldn 't trust my life on that thing if someone paid me. Fab a new frame or have someone make you one. You can get them relatively cheap and there are a number of amazing frame builders who could do the job - tigman being one of them.
that looks like an abortion gone wrong, i agree you might have some alignment issues
To me it looks like the hardtail section was attached or made, with the front loop rotated to give it rake. The rear section looks normal, it's the whole front half of the frma e the is at the wrong angle.

I'd start over.
Ryno said:
What he said.
Don't think i'd want to put my life in the hands of that kind of craftsmanship.
I gotta agree
Do your self (and your potential surviving family members) a favor and drag that fucker out to the curb......and do this after it's cut into a bunch of tiny pieces so the neighbor kids don't take it and try to make something outta it.
Goo god, and I'm worried about my welds...

Don't even waste your time with that mess. I have a spare CB450 frame that you can have, just give me a call. Maybe you can save the hardtail section and make it fit.
Then it's settled....... Thanks fellas. JEB, will do. GHG, thanks for the PM info.
If your putting a 750 in there, I have a friend that has a Cb750 chopper frame I think he was going to part with. he was talking about taking it to the swapmeet, but if your interested I'll see what he wants for it.....
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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