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It´s time for gold

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Now back from work in China it is time to get the Triumphs tank ready for the
Bottrop show.
First step: blasting the bastard with glaspearls.

Next is to put on the stancil for the goldleaf lettering.

Useing a 1 comp Pu clear coat for boats as glue for the gold.

Allow it around 10 minutes to dry and remove the stancil.
Rosennobel Doppelgold 23,5 Carat
Carefully apply the gold and remove the excess with a smooth brush and a lot
of patience.


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no outline or anything???? clear over the top ect ect....
Hey mate where in China were you?
I'm thinking about outlines. No clear coat only kind of wax
to protect the gold. The gold lose a lot brilliance with
clear coat and the rest shoud stay raw alu.
@panhead pete. I worked in Beijing the last
four weeks. The dirtiest hole in the East
i think.
sounds like you've leafed before but if you dont at least brush a clear over it, it will scratch off if something hits it. I've never tested what gas does on raw leaf but I doubt it's good. All that being said, it looks rad!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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