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is that original paint? looks like a very original bike. me? I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Detail it and make it as correct as possible in an effort to conserve what is there, and then roll it across any decent international live auction block if you can't get hooked up with a serious bucks up collector.... most likely in Japan.

and then take what should easily be double your money..... if not more

and buy yourself a Brit, HD, or Jap chopper close enough to what you want and perhaps far enough away to easily make it your own

not much is sacred in my world but good dollars and sense is just that

that appears to me to be a very original collector grade XS650..... and if that paint in original.... I kinda don't think it is but I'm far from an XS expert....... it's sure an oddball somebody serious wants to have

I've been doing it long enough to watch many commonly regarded as disposable bikes come into their own and actually be worth money

I recall not too long ago..... sending a really clean 500 dollar CB400F to Germany for 3400

such numbers sure take any questions out of "to cut or not to cut"

my two fwiw

and I hate doing restorations and I love cutting stuff up
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