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Is this typical on an mm74l magneto?

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I bought this mag from an acquaintance of a friend of a friend, I know, but the price was unbeatable. When it arrived I noticed this plate tacked to the back of it (the top left with the three tack welds on it) and was wondering if anybody has any ideas on it. Overall the mag looks pretty nice and the plate certainly doesnt look like its from the factory, but I'm not familiar with magnetos yet. The bike this is going on is an 83 shovelhead if that matters, and thanks in advance for any insight.


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typical on any case breathing cone motor cam cover (not sure about head breathers). just make sure it's not their 71-72 cam cover (side oiling), and if there's no other issues with it, you should be golden if you follow their instructions.
Mine has exactly the same welds and was bought new.
Ok thanks guys. Wasn't sure if it was some shade tree fix or what, but that's a relief.
Google Morris Magnetoes and you can download instal instructions. And as already suggested, check out the side oiler/end oiler before install

This photo shows the baffle plate removed on a S&S cast cam cover...

They took the design a little further with the Air/Oil separator....

Notice where the pinion shaft oil feed port is located....This is for the 73-91 motors with end oiling.

The 70-72 (Side Oiler) are drilled at a lower spot on the cover...

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