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is my motor blown (OIF triumph)

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Got a 72 Bonnie took it out last week, everything was fine. Started it up yesterday, and I'm smoking hardcore out the right side only, burning up a lot of oil. Tried going with a thicker oil with no luck. Just finished adjusting the rockers a week ago too, not sure if that could be related; also did fine metal shavings in the oil not a lot, but still were there. It does idle and rev, what little i give it, fine. I have a 750 kit in my garage too, so its not the end of the world, just wanted to get more life outta this one first. Did a compression test on both, the one smoking is just slightly less then the non smoking side. I would say 4 - 5 under, plugs look dark on both sides, but that's how its been lately. Anything else I should be checking before its take apart time? Thanks guys!
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..Do a leak down will tell you if your "leakage" is a valve or your rings..You said this started AFTER you adjusted the rockers?
Well I drove it after I adjusted them and didn't notice this smoking so I figured it wasn't related. But, I only drove it once after
Pending a leak down test, anyone know of a good, or rather preferred, step by step rebuild instructions for a 650? or converting to a 750? I know there is a few out there, but being my first time, the most accurate one in your opinion is appreciated! thanks
wet sumping?
would wet sumping burn oil, or make one of my exhaust smoke this badly?
Figure out what is wrong before you you set your mind into a re-build...
Since you asked....Get a good factory manual, PURCHASE Wes' video and watch it 10+ times...I had never touched a Triumph in my life...when I tore into my 650 there wasn't a unfamiliar nut or bolt...and for reference hit You Tube for Lunmad's Triumph videos. They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the guy gets the job done with minimal tools. It will also add information regarding assembly of the clutch and such, something Wes' vid was missing. Pictures in a book are one thing, video is a major improvement when "learning" or becoming familiar with motors and parts....
...Just wish someone would do a cone shovel and ratchet top 4 speed vids...

Wet sumping is something easily checked out by looking at the oil level in the tank prior to starting and pulling the drain plug on the motor and seeing what is there....
Thanks a lot Rob, I'll get those materials ASAP. What do you mean seeing what is there? what am I looking for to confirm or deny wet sumping?
yes wet sumping will smoke. It will also be pushing oil out of the breather. To check, pull the drain plug on your crankcase, if it floods out, that is the problem....
hmm okay I dont wanna sound ignorant, but you said if I remove the drain plug on my crankcase and oil floods out there is a problem, shouldnt my crank case have oil anyways? or is it excess oil I should be concerned about? When I changed the oil I removed the crank case plug and oil came out maybe a cup or 2.
how much should come out? I'll check again after work. I may have exaggerated it was a bit tough to tell draining it in the box

Dont go run out and buy a new oil pump. They VERY seldom go bad. You may have to take apart your oil pump and reseat the check balls. Super easy job. Those oil pumps are about as mechanically simple as you can get.
search wet sumping on here, it's your problem.
don't ask another question until you have read through your FACTORY manual twice. this will alleviate sounding ignorant.
ignorance I don't mind, my manual is in the mail so I figured I'd ask some questions before hand. I'm here for wisdom and knowledge thanks to all the replied, you've been a big help. I'll get on this asap
When you get that manual .... become familiar with it like a bible. It will save your a$$ quite a few times.
Yeah it's on its way, I'll make sure to read it a buncha times
dude ignorant means not knowing...I will never give anyone shit for asking questions...I am just as ignorant as anyone here...I don't know it all and will never admit to know it all...
This forum has been a Godsend with a lot of patient people assisting me in my "troubleshooting" during the past problems I have had and I want to thank ALL..
I am still learning about this 650..and have learned a LOT, and look forward to learning ANYTHING...
Just take the information you gather as research, I will help with what little I know.
I hope you find your solution..
dude ignorant means not knowing...
Right, but there has been a rash of threads started unnecessarily lately. This is one of them. If the poster had used the search function, the answer would have been found without taking up bandwidth, therefore making the site run more smoothly.

Sounds like we both want the same thing out of this site, a place for preserving information about the machines we love. Just think of curtailing these threads as bobbing a stock the historical sense of course, not todays meaning.
...fair enough...I agree and have been guilty as well. The thought did cross my mind as I was typing...bandwidth never entered my mind..I will be more aware..
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