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Is it possible to swap out tach cable top nuts?

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I'm talking about the one that threads onto the instrument itself.
Right now I'm working up a set of 3.5 gallon fatbobs to use on my '74 ironhead for summer road trips to get better mileage & they came with the FXS/Sturgis tach & speedo dash.
Both instruments are cable-driven.
I'd like to convert my existing 12mm mini-gauge cables to work with the dash's gauges --- cables ain't cheap & I'd rather use what I've already got.
I'm pretty sure I can do it with the speedo cable, which would require a 5/8"-NPT replacement nut (if I'm not mistaken), but I'm unsure if the tach cable nut can be slipped off/removed & swapped out.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Couldn't I crimp a new end on myself?
I figure if a new one crimps on, the existing nut should be able to be pried open & off.
First I need to figure out what thread-size the gauge's head is.
It's a mechanical tach, 3-5/8" diameter & fits perfectly in a FXS/Sturgis dual-gauge dash (one above the other).
I wouldn't know where to start at ordering a cable without some more info on the gauge's specs.
Fuck it --- I solved the problem by cutting backing plates for my mini gauges out of an aluminum basting pan from the dollar store (it's all textured & groovy :D).
I made upper & lower supports for those out of scrap flat aluminum, held in place with brass screws that look very much like "Chicago screws" and... Presto-Change-O!--- the mini gauges now fit in the instrument cut-outs on the dash in place of the 3-3/8" OEM ones.
The dash already looks funkalicious with those brass screws all over it, even before I rattlecan the shitty chrome on it with some wrinkle-black VHT later on in the week.

I drilled a through-hole & side-routing channel on the fatbob tank mount for my 12mm tach cable, speedholed the shit out of it to lighten things up & to run the wiring for my gauge lights.

I just need to rig up a crossover line with a fuel shut-off valve (so I can fill up faster by doing one tank at a time without having the fuel seep across from one to the other), thoroughly clean out the tanks & run a vent line between the two.

Total investment so far: $0
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Pics coming soon.
And, yes --- cheap, broke-ass Bastards DO rule the world. :D:D:D
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