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same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. After i went thru the whole fuel system and wiring I found this....The Ground wire from the battery broke in the skrink wrap and the only reason I found out was i was taking the battery out and the wire was moving around too easy. Wellwith the ground wire gone all the juice fried the battery. I still had 12.8 volts but it would not take a load at all. So It would start butthe minute i gave it gas it would sputter and test your battery first thing it could turn out to be an easy fix
The Roach said:
I need some opinions here , i'm riding along just fine ,and the bike starts popping really bad ,and then dies at 2:30 in the morning . I first check and changes the plugs ,checked the timing and points,it wants to fire but won't .Also I have a Bendix and the choke seems to want choke it's self everytime it back fires through the carb,when i'm kicking on it.Well to sum it up i pushed the shit heap home 2 miles and got a good work out .

tHANKS for Any suggestions!!!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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