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Well after a long long day I finally KICKED the bitch to life!! I installed the new drag pipes, finished the wring, removed and cleaned the tank. The major hold up of the days war what ever dip shit before me welded the rear pipe to the jug. fuck man theres No way in hell I could get that off with out removing the jug. so I cut the pipe back and left about 3 inches. slid the new pipe into it and clamped the fucker down. the upsweep on the pipes are not a perfect match now but look 100% better. on to the starting....after about 5 kicks I relized the switch wasnt on hahahah. so flipped her kicked her and the biggest flame blew out and then we knew we had spark!!! about 5 more kicks and she fired up and ran great!!!!! adjusted the carb to get a decent idle and away I went on the first test ride!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA man whata ride Im so stoked the high fives were flying!!
After the test ride we were adjusting the carb some more and the front pipe started glowing red. We shut her down and called it a night.
So what will cause only the front pipe to glow red???
pics to follow
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