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Ironhead clutch relese rod question

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Does anyone know why there are 4 different pieces for a clutch release rod on an early 60s ironhead? Is there a way to make it 1 rod? I can cut a single piece of solid rod the length of the 3 rods combined and have it be 1 piece. Does anyone have info on this?
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They did that cause of no throw-out bearing like the big Twins had....The shafts spin free..

If you do go one piece...The ends of the shaft will melt...

Could adapt a bearing into the pressure plate like the later Sporties has..
Be some work to pull off...

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I have to ask, why?
This factory setup worked for decades and continues in the XR's.
Thank you dragstew. It makes sense. I'll just order the stock style rods. Why mess with something that works?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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