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Trumpnut said:
I'm going to have a vendor spot . Got lots of shit to unload .

No I haven't ridden it . The motor was locked up when I got it . I did get it free so now it turns over but has no Comp.

Billdozer Hows the oil preasure ?

Nick, the pressure is shit. 10-20lbs with straight 50 wt, new oil pump, 2 sessions of ATF through it to try and clean it out. Lines were reversed when I got it and I think when I tore around your hood I smoked the bearings. I'm probably screwed. I'm going to blow air through the system tomorrow and if I can cycle it properly so the pump is open and feel air coming out the return then the only thing left is main bearings as far as I know. (I'm praying for a dab of silicone caught in a galley somewhere that I can dislodge with a blast of air.) If that don't do it, I'll just start saving my money for a little while and then tear it down. You really coming to the LBC? I was going to skip it since I'm pretty broke (see above) but I may swing by just to hang out. You going to the JOMO thing after? Maybe I'll just hook up there. Chris, Mike, Cro and a few others are planning on going, should be fun and I'm looking forward to seeing some good brit iron... Have your people call my people...

[end hijack]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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