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Bought a 71 HD Superglide at age 17 and have had many over the years.

Presently have:

1. 93 Fat Boy with an Australian built Wayden soft-tail chain drive trike rear.

2. 2000 Boss Hoss 502 Cubic Inch 502 Horse Power Big Block V8 two-wheeler.

3. 98 Boss Hoss 350/355 V8 two-wheeler.

4. 95 Boss Hoss 350/345 V8 two-wheeler.

5. 75 HD Superglide. Converted frame to single stretched down tube, lowered shocks. Drag style.

Hung out in the Mt Rainier and Chillum area of Hyattsville, MD in my youth. Used to sneak down to the Mighty Mo and Queens Chapel drive in before I was old enough to drive. Used to frequent Routts Cycle. A botched inner ear operation has severely affected my balance and I'll probably get rid of my two wheelers when the economy picks up. I married Bill Boxalls (Boxalls Amoco/Riggs and Chillum) daughter and she inherited all his pics from his Harley riding days back into the thirties. Daytona, hill climbs, etc. I'll post some when I get it figured out.
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