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Hey folks,
Marcus here, new to the board. Getting by way down south in NZ, building up an old shovel that I've owned for yonks - slowest build in history; just ask Trent! I've attached a pic of aforementioned shovel, I think?


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The boot/short combo is the look for Spring I heard.
There's a reason that Kiwi's wear those boots. They stop the sheep from running away :p

Is that one of those Springers that Roadmax (they look like the DNA ones to me) is bringing down to our side of the planet? How did u go getting wheel, brakes and risers to suit it? I'm going to order one in the next couple of weeks and am planning on using a FXST wheel thats been flipped over with a factory Springer brake set-up (although... Flyrite do an awesome looking brake for them but they're bloody dear at $800 U.S).

Cool looking bike anyway mate!! What r the future plans for it?

Heheheheh! Yeah man, gumboots have their uses, eh? Hey, anyone want some, I can send em. I always get heaps of comments when I wear them in the USA. Yes, it's true, I am at the cutting edge of fashion. Hahahaha!!!!
Mate, some friends built that springer for me. It's a replica of a Paughco springer. We made it in about 1991, I guess. Set it up to run twin discs out front. The hub was turned up by the same blokes that made the springer. Laced to a 21 inch rim from an HD. They relocated to the Gold Coast now, Dunrite Engineering.
Hope this answers your questions. Where you at in Oz anyways?
Pink shorts and rubber boots says one thing to me.....OUTLAW.

Welcome. I hope you get as much as I do from the board.

My good friend Marcus.. its glad to see you over here.

Thank you for NOT posting that pic of you cleaning the rain gutters...

Well, cheers for the invite, matey!
One thing I can promise you is that those pics will NEVER be posted here! Hahaha!!!
Hey bud, I like the route you chose to get to ED. I done that trip through Socorro etc in 2000, but I went through the Mongollan Plateau, Payson, Pine, Camp Verde.
Anyhow, when ya all taking off?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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