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Cool new forum, thanks Ryan! Here goes another hour of my day!!!
Most of you probably know me from the HAMB. Got my first scooter @ 12 yrs old about 45 yrs ago, Cushman step-thru with a busted piston. Fixed it, terrorized the countryside, moved up to an Eagle, then an old 185 Harley 2 stroke, 350 Hondas, 500 Kawasaki, couple of Harley Sportsters, BMW 1000, bunch of dirt bikes. Sold my last Harley in 1980. Geez, 25 yrs ago, I'm getting old. Currently have an XL600 & a XR250, ride in pasture to check cows, use them to de-stress on the gravel roads where I live. My son Jason, who is also on HAMB as JEB, who will be on this forum as soon as he sees it, has bunch of Jap bikes and there is an old Triumph in my shop that he is gathering parts to build as a mild chop, hardtail etc.
Look forward to seeing a lot of nice rides, getting ideas, utilizing forum to find parts & advice to help us build the Triumph.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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