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just another guy tryin' to git into the chopper/bobber/rigid/whatever game. been lurkin' on here a while and decided to jump on in. i do not have a bike. i rode bikes as a kid and didn't get a car 'till i was 19yrs old. but this is gonna be the year (been sayin' that for a while now). my tastes are leaning towards doin something w/a (or "to a") sporster ('86-03) since i don't have a lot of cash. hopefully it'll involve a 'lil more than chrome add ons and leather fringe on the grips (wink). i've seen a couple you guys out there that have done some nice stuff with 'em (ironheads included) and i wanna really soak some of that up. i'm not exactly a guru with bikes, either, which is primarily why i'm up on here. there's just alotta good folks with alot of know-how and i figure this is the place to be.

thanks and i look fwd to learnin' what i can.

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