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Whats up guys. . .
Theres not much to do in december in the north east when you run a metric bike shop. I spend most of my time during the day trying to get some clues, descriptions even, about pictures that ive been drooling over on the internet. for the last few months ive been collecting pieces for my first bike build. Ive been around bikes my whole life, as most of you i guess, there arent many new to the life. just began my first ground up build bobber style on a 71 and 69 triumph. 6" stretch rigid frame, upside down clubmans, period tanks, the good stuff. . . its a tough game when you dont know all the rules. hopefully ill get some knowledge from those who can play. . .

the motor is just about done, its a 71 650, put an alloy chantland 750 kit on it, new rods, pistons, black diamonds, from what i hear it'll run pretty good. im still waitin for the rigid rear section so i can mock up the frame and see what itll turn into.

also wanted to say thanks for keepin such an informative site goin! glad to be a part of it.
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