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This is going to be a great site as indicated by the success of the HAMB, I am stoked to be part of it....some of you may know me as Tcoupe from the HAMB, My name is Ryan, and from Ft. Smith, AR... the new name is more fitting to this board though...I think....I love cars and more so I love bikes, this is my first though (with a motor anyways) also have a 53 Chevy 210 2door and a 29 Acoupe awaiting a new life... Anywho, I just finished up my 72 sporty...paugcho hardtail frame, unknown rake and stretch but its quite a bit, extended forks, fatboy solid rear wheel, 19 inch spoke front, mustang tank, solo seat, the paint is GM polo green is very dark, most people think its just another black bike till they look at it closer. The bike is lots of fun and runs great..its kick only, but usually starts on the second kick if you know what your doing. I actually bought the bike finished, but the whole think was fuckin yellow and I hated when it got cold last year I pulled the whole thing apart and repainted, polished, rebuild almost everything and added a few personal touched like a different seat and the barrel oil tank....well here are some pics of before and after...hope you like.



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