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Figured I've been lurking long enough, so here's my intro. I don't know shit, and this board is one helluva an education. I like to make stuff, got the idea to build a bike a few years ago. I was thinking about building a late 60's bonnie bobber for a couple of grand in a few months. I found a '52 6T matching numbers frame and motor, and the cool factor won out over better judgment. With the '52, the project has grown in time and cost, but I expect to happy when it's done. Spent some time scrounging parts. I just had the motor rebuilt over at Four Aces (Thanks Wes). Got some frame issues to work out, and I need to find the tank that wants to be on this bike. Here's some pics of the original mock up. Yes, I did the rattle can scallops, best 15 min. of work I've done, and those are genuine construction tie strap fender struts.<O:p</O:p

Stay tuned, many stupid questions to follow...

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Welcome !!

looks like a great start there; & Wes is The Best ..

my latest score is in-transit right now, a '51, in its matching-number original rigid frame, only missing frontend & tanks ..

for decent $$ too ..

Good luck,

and it's never a 'stupid question' if you dont know the answer ..

Doug ..


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