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Cool! More shit to keep me from doing the work I actually get paid for!
Just came over from the hamb... I haven't even started to look around yet, but looks great from what I have seen. I just got my hands on a great deal. I've been looking for a project bike for a while, but everything has just been so expensive. I started to think about the XS 650's cuz they are a lot more reasonably priced... and I was sick of being outbid on shitty overpriced basket cases on E-Bay... but I really wanted a Triumph. Patience pays off. I scored a numbers matching 71 TR6C. Not EXACTLY what I wanted, because of the OIF, and I really don't care if the numbers match but hey, if they do... bonus! What sealed the deal was all the shit came that came with it... See pics. Now I can ride, while I build my vision. Plus, I have somethng that my wife can ride on the back of, which was the MAJOR stipulation. Anyway, It's not my first bike but it is the first bike I'll be doing any kind of work on. When it comes right down to it, I really don't know JACK about wrenchin' on bikes so I look forward to reading, looking and learning.

Thanks for putting this board together!


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