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Hey whats up, Danny here in soggy Portland Or. RF's dream home. I am 41, married, 21 month old daughter and another on the way in June. I like bikes! And Hot Rods. I have a few projects going, a 74 Ironhead in pieces I bought that way. A xs650 that is close, still a swing arm. I got it not running so I figured fix that first. BSA A65 in pieces and a 71 cb750 just got running but its UGLY right now. I have a coupe of pics will resize and post more later. I am planning on pimpin some stuff, so I thought I would do this so I dont get flamed.
I think Cole is better looking then Rob.
Any way I am glad this place is here. I am the same dondanno from the HAMB.
Thanks Danny
Well piss I cant find any right now I will post some later when I resize....
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