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Hey guys joined the Jalopy Journal a few weeks ago and now here, anyway was heavy into bikes for the last 20 some years, but the wife and kids can't ride on my bike so I sold it and am moving on to a rat rod. I still have stuff left over though and was told to post it here. Here's a pic of the last bike I built and the one I am not going to finish. The bobber is for sale it's on Jalopy Journal right now and up here soon. The green bike was my baby but I sold it. I chopped the neck to lower and rake, stretched the tank, made the seat pan and did the leather work myself, recessed the fender mount bungs that I machined, anyway did all the work myself. I think one of the best things about bobbers and choppers is that everybody has there own idea of the way they should look, let's be honest how many bobbers today are actually old Knuckles that people "bobbed" and the same thing with "choppers". I love motorcycles and I don't consider myself a biker, i've seen too many bikers come out of the woodwork these days with their attitudes and opinions and attitudes and opinions don't build bikes hands and minds do so wether you built your bike or bought it enjoy it because somebody had to build it.


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