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I been watchin for a while and figured I would step up and introduce myself. It's nice to find a board dedicated to bikes and building them. I Have seen a lot of great ideas and learned some interesting stuff. I been a member on the HAMB for almost three years and see a lot of famillar names,I guess cars and bikes kinda go hand in hand. I have been around bikes my whole life seens how pops always had a garage full of old bikes and bikers,it was second nature that I ended up the same way.
I got a couple of old harleys. one is a early '70s shovel that gets rode like a dirt bike and A '49 panhead that's 100% stock. my shovel is a 93" 4spd kick only with a 2"under dual disc wideglide with drag bars and pipes. I kept it short and low so I can throw it around and weasel in and out of traffic. My panhead is just the opposite, I only ride it when it's nice. It's old and slow and stops even slower than it speeds up. I just bought the panhead off my dads friend who bought it from him 20 years ago,nice to have it home again. It used to be the family commuter back in the early eighties.
I would attach pics but I am a puter moron,so I'll try to post a photobucket tag.
Enough about me,hope to learn some cool shit and maybe even be a help to someone someday on here.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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