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intro of Easy'79

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Hello all! I was sent this way by bwagner some time back and recently began checking out your board. I am 32, live in Jarrettsville MD with my wife and baby boy on the way. Moved to NYC when I was 18 and met a woman who afforded me any bike under the sun! Rode Ducs, HDs, Yams and an Aprilia. Well we split, I moved back home and left it all behind. Married my high school sweet heart and started all over. Didn't have a scoot so my uncle gave me his 1979 Yamaha Sr500. It had sat in a shed with a collapsed roof for 16 years since he was to ill to ride. I took it home, cleaned the tank and carb out. Broke the spark plug off trying to replace it so I used a recoil kit to get a new one in. She kicked over in less than a half dozen tries. I rode her hard and often until my uncle passed away. Decided to rebuild her in his honor! Tore it down and now SLOWLY trying to get her back together to terrorize the streets once again. I work in the industral supply and construction equipment sales business in Dundalk. My garage is my favorite room in the house and my wife doesn't mind getting me out of her hair for the most part. I'm into anything built by hand! Hope to ride with the locals and meet some new folks. I know I'm on a Jap but don't put me in the Thanks for the cool place to share my interests. Any questions give me a shout!
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Welcome... that bike has some serious family history!
Yep , singles are as much fun as twins, and less money.Welcome !
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