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Well i figured i'd do an intro too seeing i got to read so many other's..

My name is Tony.
I've had a interest in bike's since i was a young'n..i'm 31 now.
Started with minibike's around age 5, then graduated to dirtbike's and finally a couple street bike's..
The only 'special' bike (at least to me) i had was my last one.
It was a '77 sporty 1000.
Within a month of owning it i blew it all apart and started playing..
I painted it HOK candy wineberry, added drag bars and shorty pipe's..ign, carb etc..the typical stuff.

Back when i had it, i was still learning the mechanicals of 'em...unfortunatly i ended up selling it to help fund my hot rod addiction..
That was close to 10 years ago.

I'm not on here to talk about what i had though.
I'm very interested in building another bike sometime soon, this time from the ground up.
And i'm really hoping to learn from you guy's.

I might know how to tear one apart and rebuild it, but there's so much more to it than just that. Stuff that i either havn't gotten involved in, or just don't know...but hope to pick up.

Well, thats my boring intro..
Looking forward to reading, learning, and eventually building my own.


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It's good to see the Pack Rats (and PA chapter) represented here... I'm hoping to learn a thing or two here myself. Right now I'm cobbing together a litlle cafe racer out of an 81 KZ750 and a bunch of ebay parts...I'll keep you posted.


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Whats up Jay! :D

ol_scratch said:
Wish I would have got to meet you at the Showdown. What kind of bike do you want to rebuild?
Yeah there were soo many HAMBer's there..i missed out on meeting a lot of you guy's..
Hopefully next year..

What i want to build is though..
My uncle and two cousin's are hardcore into triumphs, and i love 'em myself..
I rode my one cousin's bike..plunger frame, 650 with 750 kit, circle track cam's, T-T pipes, twin carbs etc..this little shit was quick as hell!
A lot quicker than my sportster.
But, i had a sporty and because of that bike i'm leaning towards another Harley.

The direction i think i'm going to head right now is an ealry Harley hardtail.
I'd like to do a pan, but when it come's time to get busy i'll use what i can get my hands on.
Something along the line's of the Flyrite scoot's. I LOVE the way those bike's look.
Just simple, bare bone's and bad ass..

Realisticly, i'd be happy with either a triumph or harley....cause right now i have nothing..haha
And the're both very cool bike's.

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