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INTRO: Feeling the urge again

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I was into bikes for a number of years and I am feeling that tingle in my groin again. I have built a number of bikes with my pops and on my own. I had a bitchen 71 sporty for a while that I rode everyday for years and all over the southern USA. I loved that bitch. Sold my last bike to get married and told my wife to be that as soon as she got a house I got another bike. On my way to pick one up I saw a horific Bike accident and took it as a sign that my time was up....FUCK THE SIGNS....I want another bike...

Anyway I am coming over from the HAMB. My current ride is a 62 Galaxie that I got from a wheeler/dealer from Fl. you know who you are buddy....I love the car and have been having a blast...

Thats all I have to say officer now get me a donut and my lawyer....
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welcome.. ever use that 49 dash?
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