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Hi, I'm Blue. I'm a lurker who decided to finally post. Been on a few message boards/newsgroups in the past, so I kinda gotta feel on how this all works. Most everyone here seems very cool and full of know-how. Hope I can tap into that a little bit here.
I have been around bikes for...ever since I can remember. I started (as most of you probably) as a kid on an 80cc Honda dirt, moved up to a Yamaha 125. When I was legal, my first scoot was a Kawasaki KZ400, then a Yamaha XS650 'Special' and a Suzuki GS500. Then was without bike for a few years and while friends and fam were picking up the sport, I was left drooling and itching like an addict. Was able to get my 'fix' once in awhile on a friends wide-glide and my brothers rigid sporty. Finally decided a few years ago it was time to pick up a ride again. Hence my current bike, a '95 Evo - Heritage.
I am by no means a mechanic or fabricator, more of a tinker'er. I have a manual and some wrenching skills and tools. I do all my own maint. and I try my best to do as much of everything as I possibly can. I drive right past a dealer to get my parts from a local guy and hit as many swap meets as I can. I'm an avid reader of The Horse and love the bikes in there (and have seen a few of the JJs member's bikes in that mag too). I've had this bike for a few years and have changed it up a little bit every year. This winter I have really tried to modify things (within my budget) paint, exhaust, bars, etc. And I hope to share whatever I can in this group.

Now for the question at hand...I picked up a Pingel petcock, but I am still running a stock CV carb with the little vaccum/saftey line. Can I use the new petcock with that carb? And if I can, what do I have to do to get it to work?

Thanks for listening,
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