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Insuring a special construction / custom bike

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Hey guys,
I did find some info while searching, but it was all from 08 or earlier, so I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck (good or bad) insuring a special construction bike lately.

Thinking more of liability, but I guess theft & collision are relevant as well.

I live in Florida, and built my own bike. It's titled as an '05 ASPT vehicle (assembled from parts)
The bike itself doesn't really fit on this forum (soft tail) but the issue does.
Thanks, Rick.
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Geico did my spec const because I had 2 bikes with them already. When policy came for renewal, the would not renew the spec const. I went to progressive with no trouble for all 3. Not sure why full coverage is an extra 1000 per year on spec const so it just has liablility at $100 per year.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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