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In The Wind Flatty

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Hey , ran across some shots a friend took of my bike going down the road last year , hard to tell what a nimrod you may look like sometime !


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You do kinda look like a nimrod but the bike looks great. :)
I'm diggin' the exhaust.
Hmmm. I wouldnt say "Nimrod." I would say more... "monkey-like." I mean... You dont look like the cats from "Sons of Anarchy" but then, who does?
Hmmm.. No tats. I've been riding HD for over 40 years. Navy too. Still no tats for me. I thought I was the only one...(other than yuppie riders, but they don't count).
Is there a word for yuppie riders? There should be. You know, like yuppie joggers = yoggers. Howsabout yuppie riders = ryders? ruppies? yikers?
And 34hempiu- i am not suggesting you are a yuppie rider. Your bike is too legit. I imagine yuppie riders being the kind of riders that would buy a bone stock HD and ride it on weekends. Am I wrong? In my line of work definitions are important. Any help here?
I thought they were R.U.B.'s as in rich urban bikers guess I was wrong
I thought they were R.U.B.'s as in rich urban bikers guess I was wrong
Wasn't RUBs originally Rich Urban Bankers? Maybe not.

To be fair... I've met some rich guys who've gotten into bike later in life that were great guys. Some build older bikes, too. They may be the reason older parts are so freakin' expensive!?!

Anyway, (to get back on point) that's a great looking Flathead!
@Chopperhound1971- RUB is it. Snappy and it even sounds negative. Like a scrub. And it is true that they can get fully immersed into the culture later in life, but then they are legit. They graduate!

And yes... It is a great looking flathead.

(Sorry to get off topic- I do it too often) :eek:
sweet flatty..

they are called rolex rollers ... not a jab at the dudes income, just a tell tale sign of yuppy... who rides with a shiny watch on their wrist
Nice. Bike.
I wish I was a yuppie RUB, but my bank account keeps screaming "WHITE TRASH!"

BTW, I have always wanted a "U", but the aforementioned bank account.....
sweet flatty! you dont look like a nimrod ,those are the ones wearing shorts and sneakers.
How the hell did this turn into a yuppy biker thread. The guy's gotta nice ride so kudo's for that.
Great looking bike, I love a flathead motor.

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