So, a lot of folks have asked why I'm posting again under such short notice... And it all goes back to an experience I had a couple of weeks ago. I was at a buddy's house who happens to collect vintage motorcycles and I mentioned to him that I... well... hated motorcycles. I believe I even used those words. He smiled, pointed to a Norton Manx sitting in the corner of his shop and said, "Ride that. You won't hate 'em anymore."

And so I did... and now I don't.

There was just something about that little Manx that I've fallen in love with. It wasn't fast really, but it was balanced - it stopped like it should, it handled like it should, and the power it did have seemed to come on precisely where it should. For lack of a better word, I'll just say that the "precision" of that little Norton impressed the hell out of me. And now, I can't stop thinking about the damn thing.

I don't hate motorcycles anymore.,t=1,mt=video