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I'm New

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Hey, I'm new to the board. I live on Long Island Ive only been obsessed with building my bikes for 6-7 years or so ... they never run, my welds break, I cant afford them living on LI, or living on LI in general for that matter .. I have my '70 t120r motor out at HotGunCustoms for a rebuild, and I have a buell blast that's dead; that I'll be lookin to trade. I also try to paint an stripe what I can when I can. I'm young, I'm inexperienced, and open to everything and anything related to painting / nonosense oldschool bobber building, any passing of the tourch type info.

Now that thats said I'm gonna get over to the classified board and try and trade my pile of Buell.
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Keep the Buell, put it in a ******* Mutant Frame and go scarce the Hell out of them crotch rockets. Welcome!!!
That would be a cool bike if it was in a mutant frame.
I was thinking late model sportster rigid with a gooseneck and a mild rake, something simple ... a NIMBLE bobber if you will, LI = killer traffic. plus I may not know mutch but what I do know is one-off is A) All I can afford right now and B) Like nothing anyone knows over here in trendy town.
flyrite makes a sportster frame, pretty reasonably priced and their quality will be defended by alot of people here. i got the guys number you were asking me about handle bars and odds and end stuff. PM me ill give u his number. hes old and a little crazy but has a barn full of random stuff, and hes very friendly. not common to find friendly people here on lawn guyland.
get your triumph together and lets go out to bald hill, tons of gay bikes to drool at, ask lighthouse HD theyll tell ya
yo i sent you a pm i went to bald hill with my buddy this week it was kind of slow but its picking up .... alot of imports, the hotrod guys all leave to early ... the bikes were all $15,000+ or crotchrockets .... but my buddy says every week its picking up theres also a kingspark firehouse show on the 12th i'm gonna try and get my bike together by then ... its gonna be close though, hows your triumph ? ...
i am new here as well. dont know if this counts as intro'ducing myself, but i read about this place in dicE magazine. i do a lot of brit bike swaping in ma and vt and have harleys based in CT.
now mr. LongIslandIndependant, i have some tradebles that perhaps your blast could be part of a deal. i have a chaindrive evo 883 sporty that is a major candidate for bobbing. it ran last i tried it. last year. the wire wheels are rusty and bent, but i got stock mags for it. i thought i had it sold for 3k, but the dude never showed. and get this, its got a good newyork title!!! i got it from, you guessed it, long island! i also got bsa's and other projects aboput.
Hey Hacksaw - where in New England are you located? I'm in Salem, MA.
LongIslandIndependant, shoot me a PM. I am always up to lending a hand if needed.
Big Nick said:
LongIslandIndependant, shoot me a PM. I am always up to lending a hand if needed.
just don't sit on his seat
awwww shit!......checkmate.

oh wait post the pics of evan humping your bike HAHA
HacksawsGarage said:
i am new here as well. dont know if this counts as intro'ducing myself, but i read about this place in dicE magazine. i do a lot of brit bike swaping in ma and vt and have harleys based in CT.
new, huh ..

classified protocol 02-10-2006 02:56 AM

hacksaw said:

i came in here a new member today after following a link posted in terrys swap forum. it seemed like a cool forum.

but whats with the people on the classified page? a dude is selling some parts, he has a part i need. so i make him a reasonable offer on the lot, and give him my zip for shipping. on the forum.

next thing i see, a guy comes in after me and buys the part i want out from under me. i really would expect the seller to get back to me before he sold to the next guy.

in all my years i have never experienced this kind of diss. and over 20 buck part!!!
the frukking ck suckers!! :mad:

i sincerly hope that be powers to be in this forum, well, i suppose their isnt anything anyone can do about this. it just pizzes me off to be "sniped" when i had perfect fair dibbs on a part i had been looking out for, and thought i was doing the seller a favor by offering to take the last of his 3 dollar items as well.

it was a weasel play and i will have to just get over it. but i wont forget it. i hope other classified users here have more class but for my first experience here, total gay!!

"weasel play" ?? :

hacksaw said:
hey god of rust and frosty!!!!

that was a pretty lousy trick!!!

i asked about the chaingaurd first.
cuttng inlike that without rust getting back to me was real chump.

you azzholes suck and are on my shyt list for life. :mad:

no class!
i posted before frosty. ya dont jump guys. and maybe rust, you dont care because you sold your cleanout stuff and are done, but frosty "i'll take your chaingaurd for the asking price" was worm. pure worm!!
you dont know that i wasnt offering 20 bucks for the chaingaurd and 10 bucks for everything else. and as it is, rust dropped the price of the rest of the stuff to 12 bucks? so it would have been 32 dollars? when i offered 30, and rust couldnt get back to me!!!

a couple a fkn dogs you guys are.
i am gonna remember your names, you can count on that!!!:mad:

ohhh, that's right, this was about porno chix ..

sorry ..


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Hey LI Independent, if you need anything give me a yell as well.
just to let you know the motors shot on the blast and my pile of buell blast would have to be just that a trade maybe a trade pluss a little $ ... being i'm making my triumph all nice, new and hotrod; i'm broke. i'm looking to get my hands on something different and cheap, between my panting and my buddies welding i can keep costs down to pretty mutch the drivetrain work/hopup and those few parts that i need to have and can only find on ebay right now all i can really part with is about 1k . If theres anything like that knocking around shoot me a pm.
unless you got your ass banned which seems like it might be the case .... soo never mind
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