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Ignition Switch Housing ideas? Pics

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Im getting ready to run the new wiring for my Ironhead build and need to figure out something to house my ignition switch and starter button. I was thinking about getting a metal tool-box from a 70s Jap bike and running all my wires there, under my seat. Switch in one end and the started button in the other.

What are you guys doing? Thanks
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I cant upload any pictures at work, but I cut a spade design into a piece of stainless steel flat stock 1/4x4", and bolted it to the cener of my two piece top motor mount, and mounted my headlight dimmer, starter button, and key switch and then ran the wires up through the frame to a fuse block under the seat. It tucks in tight enough that you can't see wires unless your really looking for them. I also polished the stainless piece up so it does look nice. I can send you a pic via phone, but i cant access photobucket at work.
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