A video from one our members: 19Martinez79

In February 2008 W&W Cycles started to ride the Mackenzie River Ice Road between Tuktoyaktuk und Inuvik on 2 Harley Davidson ® Motorbikes. At a minus record of - 42 °C the windchill reached -60°C for the riders.
The bikes (an original 48 Panhead and a 2006 Shovelhead, completely customized with parts available at W&W Cycles (wwag.com). Both bikes arrived prepared with specified liquids and studded tires and were anyway struck by the severe cold until treated in a heated - or more to say less cold - garage.

The video was filmed with a Panasonic DVX 100 in a Porta Brace Polar Mitten. A wideangle lens was brought but could not be used due to small but centered crystallizing water inside the lens.

The 1948 Panhead is actually displayed at the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) in Manchester, as part of the exhibition "Culture, Customising and Harley-Davidson" (running until sept. 15th 2011)