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After exhausting all electrical possibillities, I decided to pull the carbs apart and run through them.

Dual carb bike. I open the first carb up, and clean it out. It wasn't dirty at all. I didn't get hardly anything out of it except for some clean gas. After seeing how nice the right carb was, I wasn't even sure if it was worth pulling the left off and going through, but I decided that since I already had the tools out and a gasket kit on the bech, I might as well.

Well, I have never seen a carb more gummed up with shit in my life. The bike had a cork gasket on the float bowl cover, and since the bike leaned to the left for an entire winter, all the gas went to that lower carb. Well, the cork gasket delammed and all the cork and glue was caked on EVERYTHING! The main was so gummed up with cork bits that I couldn't even blow through it.

I'll post a pic a little later.

Anyway, the bike runs like a raped ape, and I was even able to pull a 2 gear wheelie like the old days! I'm glad I did all the wiring and shit (it did have a charging problem, but it could have just been that the motor couldn't pull enough rpms to get a current flowing out of the stator). At least I know that everything is done right now!!!

FUCK YES BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
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