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Just regestered. 'Bout '62, dumped a friend's Tiger Cub (which no way was I suposed to be riding) in front of the house, gess who was out front picking up the paper? Yup--Pop! M/C stuff had only one way to go for me after that, up!

Snuck around on a Villers/James 200cc as a kid. After My War I terrorised the So Cal desert on a Greeves. Fell off a few others I can't recall, built the drag bike in the '70s, and now---- the Matchless.

In my desert years the big singles, BSA, AJS, Norton, Matchless, et all had just faded away. With that memory I recentally bought a rode hard and put up wet G80 500cc single 1960 Matchless. Sorta a wired together basket case.

Have searched this board for everything related to singles, way cool! Will be adding my journey as it unfolds.
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Nice and wellcome to the board!!! Door Gunners Rule!!!!!
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