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I'm from West Philly but I recently traded in all the west philly awesomeness (foreign food, neighbors don't call the cops when I'm too loud because they are selling crack) for a two car garage in Bensalem (NE philly). No more tools going missing when I run inside to take a piss!

I tattoo for a living-
I also fabricate tattoo machines but it's been a while- it's a lot of work running a studio.

I do everything but machine shop work I can't fake with a drill press and a file. I build motors, weld, ox/a, wire, frame and fabrication, body work, the whole shebang. I'm getting into my 30s, riding since I was 18. My first bike was a 1981 xs650 special- way before they were cool!

I also have some old mopar A-bodies- ground up driver builds but not fancy restorations. I like shooting as often as possible too.

Lately I've been working on an old triumph chopper- I'll post a thread on the general section.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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