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Crow said:
CRAP, let's just bring our 'tards and drift the hotel parking lot all night, bwwrraaaaappp!!!

I'm bettin' the Flyrite Stingray mini chop will be there but I doubt Tony will let me drive it again after that last digger I took flat-trackin' it.

Jason good to see ya, love yer bikes, the CR250 powered,mega-raked, ATV tired mini chopper never quite made it off the stand and is, alas, no more, but will one day rise from its ashes, muhahahahaaha! Hopefully with air-cooled CR500 power!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

I really just wanna bring my H1 and make a legitimate pass or two but money and time are my foes. Still gotta finish an engine and finding parts is neither easy nor cheap and then I hafta twist a few friends' arms(ah ahh ahh ahhhjason)to laugh at me while I try and build a real frame for it. Workin on moving into an old gas station and making it my home and shop, may make things a little easier. The Honky Hilton has not worked out as a place to build stuff, everytime I make a space someone either falls asleep there or moves a buncha crap into it.
Crow, that was the funniest thing I have ever seen!!! Two laps around the parking lot at the shop and I finally take notice. I thought you were going to wreck on the speed bump on the straightaway, but, it had to be hitting the speed bump in a turn!

Tony fixed the bike and its ready to race again.

Good to see you on here.

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