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How much is it worth?

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A guy I know has a mid 60's? Triumph Trophy/maybe he said Tiger? Cub. I remember for sure he said it was a 250. I only saw it once, tucked waaay back in the garage, but he said he's worked on it and its running good... blah blah, blah. Wants $1000 bucks for it. As far as I remember its complete and original. Faded paint, chrome pitted a bit, the usual. Been awhile since Ive seen it.
My dad had a cub back in the day, and loved it.... and considering how much he bitches at me about my bikes.... I wanted to get it for him, clean it up and get it to him for his birthday. BUT Whats it worth? Anybody got parts layin around for a cub? I dont wanna get raped on the deal, and I dont know anything about em. Thanks in advance.
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if he wants $1000 offer $700 and bargain from there... even at a grand i think you are comin out ahead
I've seen them from $250 all the way up to $1500 depending on condition. They're not exactly in high demand, so you should have some room to haggle.
Well I picked up the bike today. Its gone to shit since I saw it last. I ponied up too much for it because he needs the cash to pay a fine.... what are bro's for anyway? So now I have this hunk of shit home. Time to go to work. My wife is ready to kill me. Found ( on the frame ) TR25W695 as far as I can tell... that makes it a Trophy Tiger Cub... 250 cc... 1969. no? The list I found was hella confusing. The Trophy cub was a TR20whatever right/wrong?
Anyway, the bike needs a little bit of everything. If anybody has anything laying around for this model... shoot me a pm please? Im starting with the mechanicals... of course. Although I stripped off the fenders tonight, I have a buddy thats going to blast them for me, and I figure I can tinker while Im gathering parts. Tomorrow is football with my son, and Sunday is all about working on the Fairlane... (getting chilly in the mornings, quick)
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