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hot rod alley knucklehead

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sooooo..... hmmm.... i guess this is my first time running a thread here... here we go... i have a bike shop here in maui hawaii. i build ,service,sell bikes. i have a collection of old harleys flattys,knuckles ,pans and shovels. anything with a generator on it i'm into. i gotta get off my ass and get my website done .so far only a pic of me doing an ass kickin wheelie on my 48 pan is on the page but soon i promise. if anyone wants to check it out it is have about 20 something projects going or someday if i live long enough i will get to. i built 6 bikes this year. one of which i built in two weeks and rode coast to coast. on my stock 60 panhead. every nut bolt washer spoke ,motor and trans included. 20 hours per day for 2 weeks straight. finished it and shipped it to san diego and rode to sturgis then ny ....when in sturgis i took first place at the full throttle saloon bike show. sponsored by the horse. one of these days if i can figure out how to load pics on this contraption i will post some junk... the pan was in the october issue of the horse pan with a panheads forever bumper sticker on the side. i love that friken bike. i listened to david allen coe's panhead song the whole way. it was cool putting across america on a piece of american history. nothing else compares to the feeling of being free and running amuck on the road, on that ol pan. alot of people talk shit and say there gonna do this and do that.... well my friend like a shoe company said ....just do it!
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welcome 43knuckle, sounds like you've got some shit going on, once you sort it out some pic's of you're 48 pan would be cool

year before last 4 pans 3 good Aussie bud's, Davenport to LA,
you're absolutely right.... nothing beats that feeling doing the miles on old American iron in the US
If you're from Hawaii, then why is your website not in English???
(just asking)

Love doing long mile days.

Welcome to the asylum!!
Welcome and I would like to see pics of your 44 and 46 knucks. I am building a 45 FL .
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